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Case Study

When you have the right janitorial service, everything runs more smoothly. Your clients get more satisfaction, your business gets better reviews, and you create a better workplace environment for your staff members. Unfortunately, the opposite is also true. The wrong janitorial service can throw everything into chaos. In April of 2019, the owners of a 300,000 square foot building found themselves in a bad janitorial situation. In a building that size, only the best cleaning service will do. That’s where American Cleaning came in. Once the building owners called the American Cleaning team, everything changed.

American Cleaning Has the Highest Standards

Once the American Cleaning team arrived, they interviewed everybody on the previous janitorial team for our case study. Just like they do with all their employees, American Cleaning ran background checks and then made observations to see who lived up to their high cleaning standards. In this case study, one in 10 made the cut in background and work ethic.

American Cleaning has higher standards than most janitorial companies. They don’t hire just anybody. Only the best, most skilled, and most focused cleaners have the honor of making it to the team.

Client and Employee Satisfaction

Thanks to these high standards, American Cleaning has the best employee satisfaction rates. Full-time employees get benefits, and all employees receive excellent treatment. As a result, they deliver their best work, and when employees deliver their best work, clients see the best results. With the American Cleaning system, everybody wins.

The First Night

On the first night of the case study our service the team met in the janitorial office while leadership outlined the approach being taken to cleaning the building. After the messaging, the team collected their carts and brutes all loaded with new tools, microfibers and cleaning chemicals and spread throughout the building, cleaning it in a systematic pattern to provide efficiency while maximizing quality.

The Results

So, what happened after American Cleaning took over this building in April? Everything changed. The building’s cleanliness increased dramatically. Customers noticed a huge improvement in service. Customers started leaving the cleaners thank you notes for their hard work to show their appreciation.

The American Cleaning team also helped the building owners save money. The owners were able to reduce their paper costs, thanks to American Cleaning’s organization strategy. More importantly, the American Cleaning crew found two flooding situations in the building. They helped resolve the situation before it could become any more dangerous and costly.

Let American Cleaning Help You

Do you need help with your commercial cleaning services? If your current cleaning crew isn’t getting the job done, then let American Cleaning take care of it. The American Cleaning team offers the best commercial cleaning services. You and your clients deserve excellence. Contact American Cleaning today to make sure that you don’t get anything less than what you deserve.

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