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Everything You Need to Know about Flood Damage Cleanup

Once a flood has occurred in your home, time is of the essence to control, stop, and repair water damage to your property. Let’s take a look at what Boise residents need to know about cleaning up flood damage.

Contact the Power and Insurance Companies about Flood Damage

Be sure to start the clean up process safely. It’s dangerous for you to attempt to disconnect electricity if any part of your home is underwater. It’s also a good idea to contact your homeowners or renters insurance to begin the claim process. The sooner you get started, the better the outcome can be.

Buy Protective Wear

No matter what part of the restoration plan you’re in, your safety is the most important. Invest in breathing masks, gloves, and water-resistant boots. Buying these supplies will help you avoid dangerous bacteria and pathogens that are frequently found in standing water, sewage, and other liquids.

Collect Papers and Photos Quickly

At the first signs of a potential flood situation, move around your home to remove any valuable papers, photos, or irreplaceable family heirlooms. In the event that items were left behind and become flood damaged, it’s possible to have them restored by trained professionals once your home is repaired.

Remove Flood Damaged Furniture

While it’s not the most desirable part of repairing flood damage, it’s important to remove large furniture like beds, couches, and tables. This will allow the cleanup process to occur without added barriers, and the weight of heavy furniture can further weaken water-weakened flooring. Furniture can be repaired or replaced but it’s not worth the risk until you know more.

Clean and Disinfect Flood Damaged Surfaces

Next, it’s time to do a deep clean of your home. While water damaged possessions have been removed, repaired, or replaced, cleaning the rest of your home with boiled water or bleach will reduce the chances of illness. It can also make it easier to avoid future mold damage.

Hire the Right Team of Flood Damage Professionals

When you’re ready to start the cleanup process, do your due diligence and hire the best flood damage repair team in town. The professionals at American Cleaning have been going above and beyond for the Boise community since 1949. There’s no better cleanup team than ours. Don’t delay–contact us today!

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