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How to Prevent Flood Damage in Your Boise Home

flood damage

Flood damage is devastating. It often destroys everything in its wake, becoming an absolute nightmare for homeowners. You can deal with that damage, but the best thing you can do is prevent it from happening in the first place. Here’s how you can prevent this damage from wreaking havoc in your home. 

Check on Your Sump Pumps 

Before flood season, check your home’s sump pumps to make sure that they’re working properly. Do they have a backup battery in case of a power outage? Do they run efficiently? Is there a chance that you might need a new one? Sump pumps keep water outside where it belongs, so you’ll want to make sure that yours are in working order. 

Consider Waterproofing 

Next, look into waterproofing methods to prevent flood damage. Things like crawlspace encapsulation, sealing the cracks in your home, and other methods can go a long way in preventing a major disaster. Look into different methods of waterproofing and see if your home could use some extra attention in this area. 

Keep Valuables Out of the Basement 

Flood water will have the biggest impact on the lower floors of your house. To prevent your most valuable possessions from getting damaged, keep those possessions on the upper floors. Antique furniture and expensive items should stay far away from the basement. 

Check Your Insurance Coverage 

Insurance coverage won’t prevent flood damage. It will, however, help you in case you do experience that damage. A lot of people don’t realize that flood damage isn’t covered by most homeowner’s insurance policies. Flood insurance is an entirely separate policy. If you don’t have flood insurance, you might consider getting it. 

Know a Great Flood Mitigation Company 

Sometimes, flood damage is unavoidable. You should do everything you can to protect your home, but just in case, it’s always a good idea to have a flood mitigation team’s number nearby. This way, if your home does experience damage, you know who to call right away. The faster you act after a flood, the easier it will be to get your home back to normal again. 

Flood Damage 

Are you dealing with flood damage? Then we’re here to help. At American Cleaning, we handle all kinds of disaster cleanup. We’ll remove the flood water from your home, provide a complete drying process, and sanitize the area so that it’s safe to use again. Find out why the Boise community trusts us in the face of disaster. Contact us today.

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