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The Risk of Foregoing Odor Removal After Fire Damage

Fire Damage to Book

Fire damage requires cleanup as soon as possible, including odor removal. However, odor removal requires more than just extra air movement. The professionals at American Cleaning can use a variety of methods to get the damaging smoke out from your home. While you might be overwhelmed after a fire, let your nose be a reminder to deal with odor damage.

Soot Residue from Fire Damage

Even though fires destroy objects in your home, some materials burn incompletely. Soot, a fine-textured black powder, results from incomplete combustion of fuel.  Burning coal, oil, or wood produces soot. Even though soot buildup is visible, each particle is actually 100 times smaller than a grain of sand. The small molecules are easily inhaled and can lead to permanent breathing problems.

Environmental Impact of Soot

Soot contamination after a house fire is a health and environmental hazard. The fine particles travel easily between rooms due to light density. This lowers air quality throughout your home.  Soot also will stick to walls and ceilings, contributing to a lingering odor. Chimneys accumulate soot regularly from usage and should be cleaned at least once per year.  American Cleaning has several experts that can assess your home and chimney for soot accumulation.

Fire Damage Depends on Materials Burned

Various materials in your home produce different odors. Burning wood is going to leave a different odor than burning flesh or plastics. Some of these materials produce harmful molecules when ignited and create a serious health hazard. Plastics, nylon, and rubber can produce poisonous gas. Failure to assess and remove odor immediately after fire damage can result in death.

Say Goodbye to Resale Value

Smoke odor needs to be taken care of as soon as possible. Lingering smoke and soot is absorbed by anything and everything in your home. Clothing and furniture are easily replaceable. However, flooring, wallpaper, and paneling are not. Delaying cleanup results in permanent odor damage. This can deter future buyers from purchasing your house.  Your family would not want to live in a smelly home, so don’t assume future families will be able to turn a blind nose.

The professionals at American Cleaning have years of experience removing harmful smells from homes. With the dry climate in Idaho increasing risk for fire damage, prevention and immediate action are both keys to minimizing fire damage. If you need help with odor removal, visit our website or give us a call today at 208-297-6790.

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