Janitorial Services: How Often?

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Utilizing janitorial services to clean your business carries a huge benefit. You want to keep your business looking clean and tidy. The real question is how to decide the frequency of a cleaning service. Read below to learn the best practices.

General Rules On Janitorial Services

As an overall rule, there are some services you’ll want to be done at a minimum throughout the year. These are things that can only be done by a professional cleaning service. You should have your windows washed at least once a month. Spot cleaning works for areas that are readily within reach, but for buildings with high windows, a professional cleaning crew can come out and take care of the higher areas.

If your business has carpets, you’ll want to have those deep cleaned twice a year. The same goes for tiled floors; every six months a deep clean by a janitorial service should be performed. If your business has hardwood floors, a yearly cleaning will suffice here.

Exceptions To The Rule

While these rules are typical, it might not work for every business. If you run a retail store that is heavily trafficked, you might require cleanings more often. If you own an office building that doesn’t cater to customers coming in and out every day, the general guidelines might work for you.

How often you decide to have these services is really determined by how much traffic your business sees. You may also decide it’s just simpler to have a janitorial service do all of your cleanings. This eliminates the need for employees to clean.

Spot Clean Between Janitorial Services When Possible

Unless you really feel compelled to have a cleaning crew come in daily or every other day, you will need to have your employees spot clean between janitorial service dates. Bathrooms, for example, should definitely be cleaned daily. Vacuuming should also be done as often as needed. You don’t want to wait until a cleaning crew comes in to get rid of the dirt and grime, which could shorten the life of the carpet.

Be sure your employees are on the lookout for any areas that become especially dirty. You’ll want to alert your janitorial crew to these areas to ensure they are cleaned. Or, if there are stains that need immediate attention, they will need to be taken care of.

Hire Janitorial Services In Boise, ID

If you run a retail store, office space, bank, or another place of business and you require janitorial services, consider American Cleaning. We will work with you to customize your cleaning package to fit your needs and budget. Contact us today to learn more about our services!

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