What To Do After You Experience Fire Damage In Your Home

residential fire damage

Experiencing a fire in your home is nothing short of terrifying. Hopefully, the fire was contained and put out quickly. Now you have to get to work restoring the fire damage. To alleviate some of your stress, here are some steps you need to take to begin the fire damage restoration process.

Hire A Technician To Assess The Damage

When you search for a company to assess the damage, you want to find someone that can work quickly. This is very important to ensure the cleanup is done sooner rather than later. The longer the damage has to sit, the worse it can get.

You’ll need someone to come out and assess the damage from the fire. This will give you an idea of what needs to be done and what the next steps are. This is also the time when you’ll need to gather information to send to the insurance company. At this time, a fire damage technician will also seal off the area to prevent damage from going into other areas of the home.

Initial Fire Damage Clean Up

The first step in the cleanup process is getting rid of soot, dust, and smoke from all surfaces. The area of the fire likely looks charred and stained. After this initial cleanup, a technician will be able to assess further damage done to your surfaces.

Then, it will be time to evaluate any water damage that took place. Proper sanitation practices are important in this case. Removing any standing water as soon as possible will prevent any further damage.

Odor Removal

One major result of fire damage is an odor. When left untreated, the odor can cause major health issues to your family. Likely there is soot still in the ducts that are causing the odor, and you end up breathing that in. Eradicating all the odor not only keeps your home smelling fresh, but prevents damage to you and your family’s lungs.

Assess And Repair Structural Fire Damage

If there is any damage to the structure of your home, this can sometimes take the longest to repair. At this point as well, water damage to the structure will be assessed in addition to fire damage. The restoration process will begin to take place to ensure carpets, flooring, and walls are once again safe.

Who To Call In Boise If You Experience A Fire

If your home has experienced a fire, you need to call American Cleaning Services. Our highly qualified team of fire damage technicians can safely and effectively restore your property after a devastating fire. Contact us today to learn more!

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