Rebuilding your life after a fire or flood is not easy- your house may seem safe and habitable. But without professional help, you may never be able to restore your house into its previous condition. Here’s why we think you should call professional disaster cleanup companies in Boise like ours to get your house back to normal:

The disaster may leave behind problems that you may never be able to guess:

For example, ash and smoke caused by a fire accident may leave behind an odd yet powerful smell that’s very difficult to get rid off without professional help. Soot left on furniture and furnishings can damage and discolor them permanently. Torrential rain may leave behind minor leakage on roofs and plumbing. These are difficult to detect and the effect is often limited to a small area, but the damage can be long lasting- not to mention mold.

Without immediate action, you may end up causing irreparable damage:

This is especially true of damage caused by flood because the effects are rarely obvious. For example, contaminated water entering the house don’t just wet the floor and permeate into the dry walls, but allow pathogens to grow as well. Eventually you may have to throw them all out. Similarly, wooden floors that become wet are difficult to dry- they may soak in water and finally warp. As we all know wooden floors are expensive to replace and are likely to set you back by a few thousand dollars.

Disaster cleanup professionals in Boise can save your house and salvage whatever can be saved:

Professional cleanup companies ensure thorough cleanup and remove any residue including ash and smoke immediately after a fire. In the case of water related damages, they would save your furniture, clothing and other valuables as soon as possible. They also conduct a thorough inspection to look for leakage and mold using sophisticated equipments.