Are you being judged by your co-workers based on your desk’s cleanliness? Don’t let them judge you anymore. Clean your office desk with these simple office cleaning tips in Boise.

Keep your desk free from clutter

Use organizational items such as trays or filing boxes to hold loose papers, folders and important items.

Keep only the things you need at arm’s length

Get rid of the unwanted things and organize your essentials according to their importance from top to bottom.

Clean your electronics periodically

Use some wipes that are specifically made for electronics and make it a habit to wipe down your keyboard and monitor daily.

Assign a place for everything

Assign a place for everything and label it clearly so you can find it easily. It helps in organizing your files in a better way.

Establish Limits

Assign yourself one shelf. When it is full, it’s time to de-file and dispose of some paper work you no longer need. This gives space to the new files.

Clean your drawer

Most people throw things into the desk drawer to get them out of their sight. So go through your drawer every four weeks and clear out anything that isn’t useful.

Streamline your desktop icons

Computer is the modern worker’s essential tool. A screen cluttered with icons will make it hard for you find files and documents. Instead create a digital filing system and reduce the icons into few.

These office cleaning tips in Boise will help you clean your office desk and maintain it. So, get ready for some compliments from your boss and co-workers.