Home owners and business managers are often concerned about their carpet cleaning routines. It can be quite difficult to judge how much cleaning is required on your carpets and how often should you invest money to professionally get them cleaned. Depending on the number of people, location, season, business, and many such factors, the frequency of Boise carpet cleaning can be determined. We bring you some common guidelines that will help decide the frequency of carpet cleaning for your home or office.

In most homes, it is ideal to set up a professional cleaning every quarter that is four times in a year. Use the following schedule to remember the cleaning times:

Quarter 1 – Indulge in spring cleaning with a nice professional carpet cleaning service in Boise Idaho. This will help to remove all the winter germs and get your home fresh and sparkling for the new season. March is the ideal month for cleaning.

Quarter 2 – Summer has arrived and school is done! Schedule a cleaning so that kids can enjoy their summer sleepovers without any worries of germs. Schedule the cleaning in June.

Quarter 3 – Once the kids go back to school, you can get back to house cleaning and schedule the service in September

Quarter 4 – During November and December, it is the best time to prep for the holiday season and nothing like clean and shiny carpets to welcome your guests!

For commercial establishments:

  • Restaurants must clean carpets every month
  • Day cares should clean it every 2 weeks
  • Nursing homes must opt for cleaning every month
  • Retail establishments can clean their carpets every 3 to 6 months

With the right timing and a good professional company, your Boise carpet cleaning experience will surely be a rewarding one and you can enjoy clean carpets throughout the year with these schedules!