Damage caused by a flood aren’t obvious- they manifest themselves at a very later stage when little can be done. For example, water often permeates into the dry walls causing the material within to deteriorate. This isn’t visible on the outside until the dry wall becomes saturated and the paint or wallpaper begins to peel. A large part of this problem can be prevented with immediate and proper action. Here are a few steps to contain immediate damage if your house has been affected by a flood:

Make Sure The Power Supply Lines Are Off Before Entering The House:

Water and electricity do not mix! I know we’ve been taught this since childhood, but not many remember this before entering a flooded house. Water is a good conductor of electricity- a faulty chord or wire can be dangerous.

Shift Your Furniture To A Dry Place:

Water damage to wood can be irreparable. Similarly metal furniture may rust or leave stains that are difficult to remove. Did you know that almost 95% of damage caused by water can be repaired, but the 5% that cannot be fixed is caused by not removing furniture that’s near the water?

Dry Out The Place Thoroughly:

You’ll have to first get rid of the water before drying out the place. This could be done either by using a towel to soak and wring out water, or, if it is safe to use electricity, with a vacuum cleaner. Help the area to dry out quickly using fans and dehumidifiers, or fans. If the dry walls feel wet, cut out the affected area.

Call Up Professional Water Damage Cleanup Companies Like Us in Boise:

Professionally qualified water damage restoration companies in Boise like us are trained to contain water damage and prevent mold growth. We use sophisticated equipments to detect moisture and take preventive action.