All mold should be taken care of immediately, which is why we offer mold remediation services. However, not all mold is the same. Some varieties are inherently more dangerous to a person’s health than others.

When we get called about mold, one of the things we do first is identify it. Here is the breakdown of common household molds:


This is the “toxic black mold” that people worry about coming across. It grows on high cellulose materials like wood, paper, cardboard, etc. It requires very wet or very humid conditions for a long period of time to grow.


This is a common household mold that has over 185 species. Twenty-two of these are known to cause human illness. Because they are common and can be toxic, it is important to contact American Cleaning Service right away when mold is found.


There are over 30 species of this mold and they are known to cause skin lesions, keratitis, nail fungus, sinusitis, asthma, and pulmonary infections.


Mostly found in air conditioning systems and ductwork, this mold is fast-growing. It appears in a white-ish to grey-ish color and is thick.


This is the mold often found on food, but it can also be found on walls. Although it has good qualities, such as in food processing and antibiotics, it can still cause illnesses.


This type of mold can produce mycotoxins. These can damage the immune system, organs, bone marrow, and can affect mental abilities. Almost all of its varieties release a very unpleasant smell, making it easy to spot.


This is a common soil fungus. It can be found in humidifiers and on plants. Symptoms from this mold occur when there is ingestion of contaminated grain or the inhalation of the mold spores.

Even if the mold found in a home or business does not produce toxins, it can still cause allergies and asthma in some people. Those experiencing symptoms related to mold, or who suspect it is in the building, should call American Cleaning Service right away.