Large businesses are not the only ones who could benefit from a laundry service. Small businesses also make use of linens on a regular basis. Here are some advantages of using a laundry service for small businesses:

  1. Productivity and Efficiency

Without a laundry service, the duty of cleaning linens falls to the existing staff. This process can be very expensive for a small business due to the energy and water used, products and machines needed, and possibly having to hire someone to do laundry full-time. Outsourcing laundry services frees up time for employees to focus on their duties, creates a more efficient environment, and can be a lot less expensive.

  1. Compliance Concerns

Depending on the nature of the businesses, some linens need to be cleaned according to local, federal, and OSHA regulations. If the laundry is not cleaned to these guidelines, it could lead to a costly fine. Instead of training employees and hoping they comply with regulations, leave it to a laundry service who is fully aware of these regulations.

  1. Convenience

Most businesses use linens on a regular basis and need them washed daily. Employees that have other duties might forget to throw a load in the wash, or forget to switch it over to the dryer. To ensure clean linens every day, use a laundry service. That way the businesses will have everything they need in a timely manner.

American Cleaning Service also provides a towel rental program in which a receptacle is provided for dirty towels and laundry. Clean rental towels are delivered and the soiled linens are picked up. The services they offer are:

  • Bar and cleaning towels (cotton and microfiber)
  • Shop/mechanic towels
  • Printer towels
  • Spa, shower, and gym towels
  • Kitchen/server aprons rentals
  • Customer-owned laundering: towels, rugs, curtains, bedding, restaurant goods, clothes, mops, and more
  • Mop rental services: assorted sizes of wet and dry mops
  • Mop head and handle rentals

Visit the American Cleaning Service website or contact them for more information about their laundry services and how it can benefit businesses of any size.