business entry mats

Entrance mats are often overlooked or an afterthought by many businesses. Having an entry mat can affect the environment of a business in many ways. Five reasons that entry mats are important in any commercial setting include:

  1. Safety

Entry mats can scrape off dirt, remove debris and moisture, cleaning the bottom of people’s shoes as they enter. This helps to improve safety and reduce the risk of liability from potential slip and fall accidents.

  1. Floor Protection

If shoes are allowed to track in all sorts of dirt and debris, it can scratch, scuff, and even stain interior flooring surfaces. Having an entry mat for people to use reduces the amount of debris carried onto expensive interior flooring.

  1. Reduces Maintenance

The less dirt and debris that get tracked into the building, the less maintenance will be needed. This will reduce the amount of cleaning or shining of the floors required.

  1. Indoor Air Quality

Shoes can also track in pesticides, chemicals and other pollutants. These can have a negative impact on the indoor air quality when tracked throughout the building. With an entry mat, these pollutants are confined to one small area.

  1. First Impression

Entry mats not only look nice, but keep everything else around them looking nice by reducing dirt and debris. They can even include a company image or logo, to look even more professional.

American Cleaning Service offers an entry mat rental program. This program provides a delivery service that rotates dirty mats out and replaces them with fresh clean mats. Rotation can be every week, bi-weekly, or once a month depending on the business’s needs.

There are many colors readily available in-house, but American Cleaning Service can also have any color ordered or specially made. Our mats can be fitted with a digitally printed logo with fine details, fades, and 3D images. Visit our website to learn more.