As temperatures climb and spring rains starts falling, homeowners often become concerned about possible flooding and subsequent water damage. Preventing water damage is a lot easier and less expensive than cleaning up the water after a flood. Here are some tips for homeowners to prevent flooding and water damage as much as possible:

  1. Sump Pump

Homes where flooding in the spring has occurred before should consider having a sump pump installed. If it has happened before, it could happen again and a sump pump could save the day. For homes that are already outfitted with sump pumps, test it to make sure it is working properly.

  1. Debris

Debris can block water from flowing and cause it to seep inside. To prevent damage, clean out debris from the window wells, gutters, and downspouts so the water has a clear path away from the house. Also make sure the down spouts are facing away from the foundation when finished cleaning them out.

  1. Roof

Have the roof checked for damage and ice dams. The roof is an easy point for water to enter if it is not in top shape. Along with the roof, check the attic to see if it has already allowed any water to come through.

  1. Foundation

Cracks in the foundation of the house could let water in. Check for any cracks or water buildup around the foundation.

  1. Basement Storage

Avoid storing valuable items in the basement. If the basement does become water damaged, those items might become permanently damaged. If important items must be stored in the basement, be sure to store them in watertight storage boxes.

Water damage is not 100% preventable, but the steps above could lessen the effect of flooding damage. For homeowners who do come in contact with water damage this spring, call the restoration team at American Cleaning Service. We will assess the damage and get to work right away with our state-of-the-art equipment.