Scratched office table

Having American Cleaning Service professionally clean wooden furniture helps keep it in great shape. However, wooden furniture can get scratches, dings, and dents over time. These surface damages can be easy to repair with just a few supplies.


Small, shallow scratches can be hidden with the help of a nut. Break the meat of a walnut, pecan, or Brazil nut and rub it along the scratch. This helps to dark the scratch, hiding it so it isn’t visible. If there is more than one shallow scratch, use a hard paste wax to fix them. Apply the hard paste wax with No. 0000 steel wool, going with the grain of the wood. After, buff the surface with a soft cloth.


These tiny chips take a little more work than scratches to fix or hide. Use a sharp craft knife to remove any loose pieces in or around the chip being careful not to scratch it. Then use steel wool again to feather the edges. Clean it with a soft cloth moistened with mineral spirts and let the spot dry completely. When dry, apply a finish to the spot that matches the rest of the piece of furniture. Buff the spot with the steel wool and polish the piece of furniture.


Repairing or removing dents depends on the size and type of wood. On finished surfaces with very deep dents, the finish needs to be removed around the affected area. Use fine-grit sandpaper to remove the finish in an area about half an inch wide around the spot. Apply a few drops of water to the dent to make the dent area rise. Let the water penetrate the spot for a at least 24 hours.

For some dents this is not enough. If this is the case, soak a cloth in water and wring it out. Fold it, and place it over the dent, pressing it firmly down with a warm iron. Be sure the iron cannot directly touch the wood. If this also doesn’t raise the wood, try a commercial wood-swelling liquid and wait a day.

After the dent is raised, let the wood dry for a week and then refinish the area to match the rest of the piece. When the finish is dry, buff it before waxing and polishing the entire piece of furniture.

Keep wooden furniture looking like new with these tips and help from American Cleaning Service. Visit our website to learn more about the cleaning services offered for both residential and commercial properties.