In a restaurant, having clean aprons for serving staff and the kitchen staff is essential. Renting aprons from American Cleaning Service Co. is a great way to ensure clean aprons are available each day.

Working in the kitchen can get messy, which is why butchers, line cooks, and chefs need clean aprons. They help protect their own clothing and give them a clean surface to wipe their hands on. Although servers’ aprons serve a different purpose, they also need to be clean to ensure a professional appearance.

When renting aprons from American Cleaning Service, we provide a receptacle for the dirty aprons, pick up and deliver clean aprons as needed. This service takes the stress off the employees and the restaurant owner by having clean aprons ready whenever needed.

Here are some other benefits of our apron rental service:

  1. No Excuses
    It can be easy for employees to forget to wash their aprons, or forget to bring them to work. American Cleaning Service washes and drops off clean aprons when needed, so there’s no reason servers or kitchen staff would not have an apron available.
  2. Shows Professionalism
    Having clean aprons shows the professionalism of the restaurant and the people who work there. American Cleaning Service makes sure all aprons are cleaned to a high standard, getting rid of hard-to-remove stains or discolorations.
  3. Eliminates Expenses
    When restaurants get new servers or kitchen staff, they won’t have to buy new aprons if they choose to rent. Instead they will just have to change the number ordered. They also won’t be responsible for maintaining or replacing aprons, reducing costs.

Renting aprons makes it easier on everyone in the restaurant and keeps costs low. Talk to American Cleaning Co. about towel and apron rental. Visit our website to learn more about our other laundry services.