A cluttered workplace can make it hard for people to be productive and think clearly. However, the most dangerous part of a cluttered workplace is the potential fire hazard it creates. Having large stacks of papers and files are necessary in many office environments, but it could also lead to disaster.

This also includes boxes that might be around the office, excess furniture, and more. While having a little clutter around the office is normal, when it starts to pile up, it should be sifted through, filed away or thrown away.

Be aware of these fire dangers that are present when there is too much clutter in the workplace:

  • Increased risk of fire due to large amounts of combustible items like paper and rubbish.
  • Blocked escape from fire due to obstructed exits, hallways, cubicles, etc.
  • Extreme risk to emergency fire personnel
  • Risk of death or injury due to being trapped under falling items
  • Increased fire severity due to large amounts of combustibles

De-cluttering the office space can put employees at ease, and reduce potential fire hazards. Here are a few tips for de-cluttering the office space:

  1. Set Up Zones

Most offices and cubicles need a computer area, a supply area, and a filing area. In larger offices these might be in separate areas of the room, while in a cubicle setting, one desk might encompass all of them. Set up these areas, and make sure everything fits into one of the zones.

  1. Look at Necessity

Only items that are needed immediately should be at arm’s length. Keep essentials visible and handy, but put away extra items such as boxes of pens, extra coffee cups, and copier paper. Keep everything else its assigned zone until it is needed.

  1. Create a Daily Paper System

Most people have to wade through mountains of paperwork every day. However, it doesn’t need to be a giant mountain of jumbled files. Create baskets of hanging files and label them “To Read,” To Do,” and “To File,” to create a more organized system for going through papers.

If an office fire does happen, the fire damage technicians at American Cleaning Service Co. can evaluate the damage and work with the client to get the office back up and running as soon as possible.