Between professional window cleanings for residential or commercial buildings it can be bothersome to see the windows getting dirty. For those who want to keep the windows streak and smudge-free between visits from American Cleaning Service try these tips:

  • Don’t Use paper

Paper towels and newspaper with spray-on cleaner, which are commonly used in residential window cleaning, might be hurting the windows more than helping them. Glass cleaners can be abrasive, especially when used in combination with paper. It tends to simply move the dirt and dust around rather than getting rid of it.

  • Use Soap

A mild dishwashing soap diluted in a bucket of warm water is a better cleaning solution than glass cleaner. The soap shouldn’t be too sudsy. Use a soft tool, like a sponge to put the cleaning solution onto the window.

  • Squeegee

After putting on the cleaning solution, avoid rubbing it around. Using a squeegee, work in an S-shaped motion. After every swipe, clean off the end of the squeegee with a cloth. After, use a clean cloth to get any leftover soap around the edges of the window.

  • Leave Stains Alone

If there’s any staining or discoloration on the window, leave it to American Cleaning Service. Trying to get rid of these stains oneself could result in damaged glass. Point out the problem areas during the next professional window cleaning.

  • Prevent Future Staining

Windows can trap moisture easily. To prevent condensation and mold, try to use fans when showering, cooking, or anything else that increases the humidity.

Talk to the team at American Cleaning Service about our window cleaning services for both residential and commercial buildings in Boise and Salt Lake City. We have the equipment and training to cater to high-rise commercial buildings as well. Call us to set up a cleaning schedule and we will take care of the rest.