clean office

Businesses try to keep operating costs as low as possible, and often that means in-house cleaning by employees. Hiring a professional janitorial service, like that provided by American Cleaning Service, is an investment that can improve a business’s bottom line. Here’s how:

  1. Productivity

When employees don’t have to worry about cleaning, they have more time to better the business. They are more productive, which translates into more money for the company. A clean, un-cluttered space is also shown to increase productivity and reduce anxiety in people.

  1. Less Sick Days

American Cleaning Service is trained in health code requirements for a variety of work environments. When a space is properly cleaned, there are less germs and bacteria that can cause illness. Employees are less likely to get sick when an office is commercially cleaned, so employees will have fewer absences, increasing productivity and efficiency.

  1. No Equipment Needed

For proper cleaning, businesses would need to invest in floor buffers, steam cleaners, industrial vacuums and more. All of that can quickly add up, plus spending the time and money to service the equipment regularly. Then the business will have to find a place to store all of the equipment they need. American Cleaning Service has all of the equipment needed, and takes it with them when they are done.

  1. Furnishings Last Longer

Properly cleaned carpets and furnishings will have a longer lifespan, while also looking and smelling better. This means the business won’t have to replace carpets or furnishings as often, saving the company money.

  1. Better Impression

Customers are more likely to come back to a business that is clean and smells nice. Regular cleaning from American Cleaning Service can keep the building fresh and sparkling to help create that great first impression.

Talk to the team at American Cleaning service about investing in commercial cleaning. Let us worry about keeping the building clean, and see how it can make a difference on the company’s bottom line.