If you have decided to opt for professional carpet cleaning services in Boise, you must follow some simple guidelines before they arrive in order to get the best results from the service. We bring you some valuable tips from experts that will help you get ready for the carpet cleaning at your residence:

  • If there are any spots or stains, please ensure that you bring them to the technician’s attention so that they can remove it accordingly
  • On the day of the appointment, you must vacuum your carpet for a better effect
  • If there are any small pieces of furniture like dining chairs, floor plants or magazine racks, you must remove them from the carpets to make the cleaning easier. This will also help you to get the carpet to normal use sooner
  • If you own a pet, you can ensure their peace of mind by keeping them in a safe and quiet place where the cleaning will not disturb them
  • Large items like entertainment centers, electronic equipment, large TVs, pianos and fragile furniture cannot be moved during the cleaning process. If you would like to move the bed, dressers or cupboards, you must inform the carpet cleaners Boise in advance so that they can prepare the quote accordingly.
  • Ensure to move all the breakable items and keep them safely
  • Remember not to walk on the carpets when they are not completely dry
  • If you have infants who are crawling, keep them away from the carpets for 24 hours
  • If you have any full length drapes, you must pin them at least 6 inches above the ground

The best way to get an effective carpet cleaning service in Boise is by mentioning your needs to the company and helping them provide a customized and delightful service for your home.