Cleaning and knowledge of health code requirements in every type of work environment are important, but they are especially important in healthcare facilities. People in these facilities can often have an increased risk of coming down with an illness, and if they aren’t in a properly clean environment, that risk goes up even more. The team at American Cleaning Service is well trained in meeting health code requirements for cleaning a variety of environments.

Most germs in healthcare facilities are transferred on commonly used surfaces. These include tables, chairs, counters, etc. These items need to be thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis to keep the risk of germ transfer and infection low.

To properly clean commonly used surfaces in a healthcare facility, there are two main steps:

  1. Cleaning

Cleaning is simply removing visible matter from the surfaces in the facility. This is done with detergent products to sterilize the surfaces.

  1. Disinfecting

Disinfecting the surfaces gets rid of pathogens and microorganisms that could cause illness or infection.

Healthcare facilities that fail to keep up with cleaning practices due to lack of staff or other reasons may face fines when audited. There are regulatory standards in place by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organization, OSHA, AAAHC, and state and local agencies. American Cleaning Service is aware of these strict standards and is trained to work with them in mind.

Hiring a commercial cleaning company to handle regular cleaning and disinfecting of a healthcare facility will increase patient satisfaction, minimize risk of infection, and provides peace of mind knowing the work environment is clean.

Talk to American Cleaning Service today about their janitorial services for healthcare facilities. With their awareness of health code requirements and confidentiality, choosing American Cleaning Service makes sense.