American Cleaning Co. American Cleaning Tue, 26 May 2015 10:27:26 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Advantages of Hiring Professional Window Cleaning Service Tue, 26 May 2015 10:27:26 +0000 Would you go months without cleaning or washing your clothes, don’t right? So why would you want to go months or even years without cleaning your windows? Regular window cleaning is the MUST to create a healthy environment for you and your family!

Windows that are sparkling clean attract natural sunlight, which provides a professional atmosphere in the office. Professionally cleaned windows will add more aesthetic value as well as gleaming perfection to your premises. Let’s look at the benefits of hiring a professional commercial window cleaning company in Boise.


Hiring commercial window cleaners put safety first to ensure that property is not damaged. A professional window washing company will have well experienced workers with proper equipment to ensure no injuries can happen, as well as, damages to the property. Therefore, a guarantee of safety and high quality work is achieved through hiring a professional commercial window cleaning company.

No More Streaks on the Windows:

Often homeowners find that after spending 2-3 hours of toiling at window washing, the results are not as they would wish. The end result is the streaking that appears on windows that have been thoroughly cleaned. A professional window cleaning will eliminate this problem.

Saves You More Time:

Cleaning windows is a very time consuming task, especially if you really don’t have an idea on what you are doing. Professional window cleaners have the expertise to not only do a good job, but to do it quickly. They also have the expertise and equipment, which will help them to ensure that the windows are cleaned in the shortest possible time.

Dirty windows can make your commercial space seem unappealing to employees and potential customers alike. So why to wait, just call our professional window washing experts in Boise!

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Clean Up and Get Your Life Back – Hire Disaster Cleanup Services in Boise! Tue, 19 May 2015 10:27:14 +0000 When it comes to owning a home or business premises, no one even God can predict when the disaster is going to strike. Whether it’s a natural disaster that comes through or it’s a matter of dealing with a variety of different problems, cleaning up after something has damaged your home can be difficult to do without some assistance.

Consider the list of natural disasters or events that could strike and what you should be done to alleviate the issues? Hire professional disaster cleanup in Boise, if you need help.


When the rainy weather starts, you might have it all figured out. You could have to deal with gutters, water management, frozen pipes and much more. If there is even a small crack in your foundation, or the walls, the water seeps and could end up with mold. Getting someone to clean this and take the mold away is important, especially after a storm.

Fire Damage:

When fire rips off through a home, the smoke can really damage walls, infrastructure, and burn down several components. Emergency home clean up can help with this, to restore the balance of the home’s interior and make sure that there is no leftover residue from the fires that burn.

No matter what Mother Nature deals you, make sure to get professional help, as it will be cost effective, and will save you from headaches that come with repairs from emergency situations. Contact the professional Disaster Restoration in Boise!

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Carpet Cleaners – Questions to Ask and Answers to Expect When Choosing Tue, 12 May 2015 10:28:54 +0000 When it comes to choosing a company whom you can trust with cleaning your valuable carpets, and upholstery you may find yourself in a bit of a dilemma. That’s why we’re here to help you.

With claims of ’we are the best'; ‘we give better value for money'; ‘we can do it cheaper’, it’s really hard to pick the right carpet cleaning company. So how do you examine the good from the bad when it comes to choosing a quality carpet cleaning service in Boise? Finding the answers to few direct questions can easily help you gauge the quality of a company’s service. Here are the five questions that you should ask a carpet cleaner before hiring them:

Do You Offer Written Estimates?

Most carpet cleaning services will give you a free quote or estimate on a job. Don’t hire anyone who doesn’t offer this service. You want to know exactly how much you will be spending before a job begins to avoid any unforeseen costs in the future.

How Long Have You Been In Business?

Look for a company that has been in operation for a while and has a good reputation among the customers. A company with a long-standing operation and strong reputation will give you an insight into the kind of service to expect.

Does The Company Offer A 100% Guarantee?

Reputable companies will offer the standard 14 to 30 day guarantee. Ask if the company’s guarantee includes a follow-up cleaning at no charge if there are any problems with their work.

What Services Are Included In The Price Quote?

Will they charge extra for initial vacuuming? If the company charges extra for vacuuming, then you request that they include pre-spraying or pre-treating the carpet and basic stain spotting. Expect to pay extra for other services, such as pet odor removal, wax removal, or removal of stubborn stains.

These are the few questions to ask before choosing professional carpet cleaning company in Boise, Idaho. So why wait? Contact American Cleaning in Boise today!

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Dirty Carpets? Hire Carpet Cleaners in Boise Now… Tue, 28 Apr 2015 10:19:07 +0000 Do you keep hiring carpet cleaning companies that promise more than they can deliver but they don’t? Then it’s time to start searching for professional carpet cleaning company in Boise.

A lot of carpets cleaning companies advertise rock bottom rates to clean your carpet, but after they get their foot in your home, do shoddy work and then hit you with a surprise when you get the bill. Now, more homeowners are aware of these scam carpet cleaners and doing thorough research before choosing the one to clean their carpet is a must.

If you’re looking for a professional carpet cleaner in Boise, then this article is for you. Here I’ve come up with the few tips you need to consider before choosing the right one for your home or office.

Make Sure to Consider their Carpet Cleaning Process:

Homeowners often have several options when it comes to choosing the right cleaning company. Some companies use a wet cleaning method that has a significant drying time, while others are considered “dry” treatments, which you can walk on as soon as the cleaning is finished.

And also some carpet cleaning companies uses powerful cleaning chemicals, while others rely on the power of steam, or environmentally friendly cleaning products. So you need to choose the one who offers carpet cleaning methods that work best for your home, family and even carpet.

Make Sure to Check out Their Service Rates

The price you see when searching for carpet cleaning companies is typically just a base price. So before choosing any service provider, make sure to check out their service rates.

As you call carpet companies, ask what is included in the quoted price. Will they move furniture for you? Will they clean high-traffic areas? Does it cost extra to clean stairs and other areas?

Consider the Employees Working

When you hire carpet cleaners, you’re letting strangers into your home. So make sure to only hire a company that screens its employees and conducts criminal background checks.

Don’t let your carpet get too dirty! Be the first to get help from professional carpet cleaners in Boise.

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Super Hero Window Washers Mon, 19 May 2014 18:08:43 +0000 Thanks to St. Luke’s for allowing us to have some fun. Great job to the masked men that made the day of many children, patients, nurses and visitors to St. Luke’s.  Keep an eye out for the next time Super Heroes are cleaning windows at St. Luke’s.


St. Luke’s Super Heroes

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Request More Information Thu, 16 May 2013 11:51:35 +0000 1 Washington State University Window Cleaning Project Wed, 15 May 2013 15:27:51 +0000 American Cleaning Service Special Services group has started a massive project this week in Pullman Washington. We were awarded the window cleaning for all of the residential buildings on campus this January. The project includes 17 dorm buildings, the largest one being 12 stories tall.  This project will take all of the experience and expertise that our crew has including High-Rise Rope Work, Water-Fed Pole work and working off of our tallest extension ladders.

Window Cleaning Crew cleaning the glass at Washington State University.

Window Cleaning Crew cleaning the glass at Washington State University.

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Hospital Window Cleaning Superhero Tue, 07 May 2013 14:32:55 +0000 A huge thanks to one of our window cleaning specialists, Richard Shirley. Next time you want your windows cleaned you can request Spider-Man.

Dressed in a Spider-Man costume, Rich Shirley of Boise washes windows Wednesday morning, May 1, 2013 at Kadlec Regional Medical Center in Richland, Wash. Shirley, and five other employees of Sparkling Clean Windows in Kennewick, dressed as superheroes to entertain patients and families in Kadlec s Pediatric Center while cleaning the windows.

Window Cleaning

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Window cleaning drawing in Boise!! Thu, 02 May 2013 15:48:09 +0000 Like us on Facebook here: and you will be entered to win $100.00 off for your first service!!

The contest is still open and the winner will be drawn on the 13th of May. Pass the word to anyone that is interested in free cleaning.
American Cleaning is giving away a free residential carpet cleaning or window cleaning (Not to exceed $100 value). Winner will select their preference of service.Winner will be selected on May 13th.

Contest rules: Hit “Like”, then “Share” this contest. Then, send your email address to (Your email address will not be shared. It will only be used to send periodic special offerings for services from American Cleaning)


Residential Window Washing Boise Idaho

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Six Facts About Cleaning New York City Skyscraper Windows Tue, 29 Jan 2013 17:00:37 +0000 The current issue of The New Yorker has a fascinating (and, sadly, subscription-only) article about how the windows of NYC’s skyscrapers get washed. It turns out newfangled skyscraper architecture can make it difficult to use conventional window-washing methods—and that’s just one of many fun facts we learned from the story. Here are five more:

1) The Empire State Building is particularly tough to clean because tenants on higher floors often throw things out of the windows. “One time,” says one building window cleaner, “they threw, like, twenty gallons of strawberry preserves—and it went through ten floors, all over the windows. And it was the winter, so it froze on there and we couldn’t get it off.”

2) Designing a cleaning rig that could that clean the Hearst Tower took the engineers at Tractel-Swingstage three years (and around $3 million); the company’s vice-president of engineering had never seen anything like what Foster and Partners’ called the building’s “bird’s mouths.”

3) A building’s size is measured, for cleaning, in “drops”—”a single vertical section of the facade running from the roof to the lowest point the basket can descend.” That lowest point might be a setback or other architectural feature, or it might be the ground.

4) The city’s first scaffolding for window cleaning was built in 1952 and used to clean Park Avenue’s Lever House.

5) Because of the way they move, most window cleaners will end up leaving a “signature” on the window glass.

6) Cleaning the windows of Manhattan skyscrapers takes a long time: “One days’ work on an average drop takes around four hours; given good wather it, it takes a month to clean the whole [Hearst] tower from top to bottom. Work on larger skyscrapers in the city takes much longer: a single cleaning cycle on the eighty-story black glass curtain walls of the Time Warner Center, where the central ‘canyon drop’ alone descends seven hundred feet, from the roof to the fourth-floor setback, can take six men four months.”

Monday, January 28, 2013, by Sara Polsky

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