Commercial floor mats are used in almost every business. Entrance mats reduce the dirt, debris, and moisture that often gets tracked into a business. This helps keep the floors cleaner, and even safer. To help with this, American Cleaning Service offers an entry mat rental program to its customers.

Through the entry mat rental program, customers can decide how often they want the mat replaced with a clean mat. American Cleaning Service works with the business to determine what frequency would work best for their business needs.

The mats are available in a variety of different sizes and colors for every business need. They have colors that are readily available in-house, but American Cleaning Service can order any color needed. They can also have the company logo or image printed on the mat for a more personalized look.

Mats need to be professionally cleaned regularly or they begin to look dingy and dirty, and won’t perform their job as well. That’s why American Cleaning Service rotates out the old mat to be cleaned, and puts a new one in its place.

Taking advantage of an entrance mat rental program offers these benefits for businesses:

  • Saves Time and Money

If the mat is not being rotated out on a regular basis, then the task of cleaning falls on the company. This will cost them more money to take it to a cleaner, or hire someone to come in and clean it. With a mat rental program, they don’t have to deal with cleaning the entrance mat themselves.

  • Makes a Good First Impression

An entry mat protects the floor from dirt and debris that get tracked in by customers and employees. A cleaner floor makes a better first impression of the business.

  • Protects Floors

Dirt and debris can take their toll on the floor over the years, leaving it dingy and stained. Having an entrance mat will protect the floor beneath it, making it last longer.

  • Reduces Risk of Injury from Slips and Falls

People tracking in water due to rain or snow can create a slippery floor. With an entrance mat to wipe their feet on, there’s less chance of the floor becoming slippery and a hazard.

Talk to American Cleaning Service about their entry mat rental program. Also consider looking into their external mats.