Carpeting in the home helps to insulate against noise and against cold during the winter. However, carpeting can be full of bacteria, pollen, dead skin and dust. As disgusting as this may sound, it is perfectly normal due to families and their pets bringing the outdoors in with them.

Outdoor debris gets down deep in the carpet and can create what is called a “reservoir of allergens”. This affects nearly 40 percent of Americans, causing respiratory issues and wheezing. If this is happening occurring in your home, it might be time for some deep carpet cleaning.

Vacuuming can help reduce the amount of allergens and particles in the carpet, especially if done frequently. However, a deep-cleaning every six months to a year will really help eradicate allergens. It is suggested to have a professional cleaning service come in and do the carpet cleaning instead of using an at-home cleaning system. This is because the at-home systems generally leave a layer of moisture afterward, which can attract mold and worsen symptoms for those allergic to mold.

Most people do a spring cleaning and a fall cleaning. This is a great time to talk to American Cleaning Service about doing residential carpeting cleaning. Over the warmer months many allergens can be dragged in and settle in the carpet. It makes sense to schedule a cleaning when fall hits to get rid of summer allergens.

A fall carpet cleaning will also help ready the home for guests before the holiday season arrives. Remember to vacuum regularly between cleanings to keep as many allergens at bay as possible.

If respiratory issues are present in your home this fall, talk to American Cleaning Service about deep-cleaning the carpeting throughout the home. It will help reduce the allergens that could be causing the issues. Explore the American Cleaning Service website to learn more about our carpet cleaning services.