The staff at American Cleaning Service Co. is well trained in meeting health code requirements and respecting confidentiality in a work environment. These two aspects are especially important in the commercial cleaning of healthcare facilities, which is one of the work environments the janitorial staff covers.
The benefits of hiring a professional commercial cleaning service for healthcare facilities include:

1. Consistency
With their specialized training, the staff at American Cleaning is consistent in their work each day. In a healthcare facility, the consistency of a clean environment is key to preventing chances of cross-contamination, or spreading of germs from patient to patient.

2. Compliance
As noted before, the janitorial staff is trained in meeting certain health code requirements and standards such as those set forth by medical institutions. When cleaning is consistently done in compliance with standards and requirements, the facility can avoid costly violations and maintain a healthy environment for both patients and staff.

3. Profitability
Commercial cleaning in healthcare facilities can actually increase profits. By hiring a commercial cleaning company, the healthcare facility wouldn’t need to hire and train their own cleaning staff. An in-house staff would mean the facility would need to pay more benefits and HR expenses. With a knowledgeable outside cleaning company such as American Cleaning, these expenses aren’t necessary.

One of the main aspects people look at when choosing healthcare facilities is the cleanliness. A healthcare facility with a reputation for cleanliness will increase patient satisfaction and attract more potential patients, in turn increasing revenue.

The janitorial team at American Cleaning Service Co. can help healthcare facilities keep a healthy, clean environment day in and day out. Visit our website to learn more about the janitorial services we offer.