Marble flooring is a beautiful statement piece in a commercial space. However, this natural stone needs a lot of care and maintenance to keep its beauty, especially in high-traffic areas. Unlike other flooring, it is often exposed to the elements, which can accelerate the wear and tear.

Cleaning and polishing of marble flooring should be left to knowledgeable commercial flooring cleaners, like American Cleaning Services Co. We have the proper skills and tools to clean and maintain this soft stone so that it keeps its shine for an extended period.

Between professional cleanings and polishes by American Cleaning Service, here are some tips to keep marble from getting stained or scratched while maintaining it:

  1. Clean Spills Quickly

Since marble is a soft stone, it is easily and quickly stained by liquids or other substances. If something is spilled on the flooring, clean it up immediately by blotting not wiping. Acidic substances such as coffee, soda, and wine can be especially damaging to marble flooring.

  1. Dusting

To keep dust at bay, use a clean, dry and non-treated dust mop to clean the floors. Avoid vacuuming if possible. The dirt and debris jammed in the wheels could scratch the surface of the flooring.

  1. Use Entry Mats

Shoes can carry a lot of dirt and other possible flooring irritants. By using entry mats both inside and outside, the amount of debris being tracked onto the marble flooring can be reduced. American Cleaning Service offers both interior and exterior entry mat rentals in many colors and styles.

Remember to never use cleaning products with acids, alkalis, and chemicals on marble flooring. To keep marble flooring shining as well as stain and scratch-free, call American Cleaning Service Co. to set up a cleaning schedule that works with both the budget and building hours.