Flu season starts in September when everyone heads back to school, and continues on through spring. It can take a toll on a business’s workforce if multiple employees get hit with the virus. The flu costs employers in the United States about $10.4 billion a year in direct costs for hospitalizations and outpatients visits for adults.

One way to reduce the chance of employees getting the flu is to maintain a healthy work environment. Do this by hiring American Cleaning Service Co. to professionally clean the office on a regular basis. They can reduce the spread of the flu virus by:

  • Eliminating germs and bacteria

American Cleaning Co. doesn’t just make the workplace look clean, it actually is clean. They are aware of health code requirements for many work environments and make sure to follow them.

  • Clean touch points

Touch points are light switches, door handles, etc. Cold and flu viruses spread like crazy around an office because everyone is constantly touching these things. They need to be cleaned regularly to keep the amount of germs and bacteria down.

  • Cleaning often enough

Infrequent cleaning won’t do much to help minimize the spread of the flu this flu season. Talk to American Cleaning Co. to work out a schedule to fit the workplace’s needs and janitorial budget.

Here are some ways employees and employers can do their part in keeping the flu from spreading at the office:

  • Wash hands and use sanitizer

Remember to wash hands frequently. It might be a good idea to keep hand sanitizer in various spots around the office as well.

  • Keep sick employees home

Create a sick policy to discourage employees from coming in if they are sick. The less the virus is in the office, the smaller the chance other employees will get it. Losing one employee for a couple days is better than losing multiple employees from exposure to the flu.

Talk to American Service Co. about office cleaning to reduce the number of employees who get the flu this season. They will create a healthier environment for everyone.