desk germs

Just because an office appears clean, doesn’t mean it is free of germs and bacteria. There might be germs lurking where people least expect them. Here are some surprising facts about workplace germs, and what to do about them:

The dirtiest surfaces in an office include:

  1. There are 21,000 germs per square inch that exist on the keyboard, mouse, and office chair.
  2. A typical desk has up to 10 million bacteria, which is more than 100 times more germs than the average kitchen table and 400 times more germs than the average toilet seat.
  3. 27% of Americans eat breakfast at their desk.
  4. 62% eat lunch at their desk.
  5. Out of these people, only 20% clean their workspace before eating.
  6. The dirtiest surfaces in an office include:
    • Microwave
    • Keyboard
    • Mouse
    • Sink handles
    • Snack machine
    • Refrigerator handle
    • Water fountain
  7. Men’s workspaces are 20% dirtier than women’s.

There are a few ways to keep workspaces cleaner, such as:

  • Wash hands more often
  • Place sanitizer around the office
  • Don’t eat at desks
  • Those who are sick should stay home
  • Sanitize desk surfaces regularly

The best way to eliminate germs and bacteria, however, is with a regular cleaning from a commercial cleaning company like American Cleaning Service. We are knowledgeable about cleaning procedures to sanitize the office, removing germs and bacteria that can spread and cause illness. The staff at American Cleaning Service cleans both private and public spaces in the office, to ensure cleanliness everywhere.

With flu season still in full effect, office buildings can be a host for germs and bacteria, causing the flu to spread like wildfire. Talk to the experts at American Cleaning Service to come up with a commercial cleaning schedule that fits the budget and business hours. We offer competitive pricing on short and long term office cleaning and janitorial contracts.