With daily showers and baths, a lot of moisture is present in the bathroom. This warm, moist environment is the perfect place for mold to take root and grow. Once mold is present, it can be difficult to eliminate, so prevention is key. Keep mold at bay with these five tips:

  1. Adequate Lighting

Along with the environment being warm and moist, mold also prefers to be in the dark. A well-lit bathroom is less likely to be an inhabitable home for mold. Adequate lighting can be from windows during the daytime or artificial lights.

  1. Dry and Cool

Keeping the bathroom dry sounds like an exhausting job. Really it just means removing wet items from the bathroom and drying out bath mats daily. Wiping down shower curtains or glass doors also prevents mold from growing on their surfaces.

  1. Ventilation

To get rid of condensation that shows up during showers, turn on the bathroom fan or open the window. Keep the window and door open afterwards for about 45 minutes to encourage the flow of air until the bathroom has cooled down.

  1. Cleaning Products

The products used to clean the bathroom can have a big impact on mold’s ability to grow. Bleach products are the best way to get rid of any mold and keep it away. However, if mold has taken control, it might require some professional cleaning help.

  1. Consistent Cleaning

Regularly maintaining the bathroom using these tips is the best bet to preventing mold growth. Getting into a routine of wiping down the shower each day and consistently ventilating during each use will go a long way.

If mold has found its way into the bathroom, the team at American Cleaning Service Co. can tackle it. They have the tools and experience to assess the issue and recommend an effective solution for eliminating the mold.