Window washing

Windows don’t receive as much cleaning time as other aspects of the home or business like flooring and carpets. However, keeping windows clean is also important. Here are five reasons to keep those windows clean:

  1. Glass Structure

The surface of the window is not the only thing that collects dirt and grime. Glass is porous, which allows it to easily collect dirt, making it fragile over time. The collection of dirt can also cause loss of transparency and pigmented spots, completely ruining the glass over time.

  1. Heat Efficiency

Dirty windows can affect the heat efficiency in the home. Dirty windows reflect more light, not allowing the sun to come into the home and naturally warm up the room during fall or winter. Cleaner windows might be the key to lower heating bills.

  1. Maintenance

People go to the dentist twice a year for cleaning to prevent cavities, gingivitis, etc. because it’s cheaper than reversing the damage later on. The same goes for dirty windows. Having them cleaned more often prevents micro-cracks and scratches from getting larger and ruining the window altogether.

  1. Business Perception

People pay attention to the way a business looks, even subconsciously. This includes the cleanliness of the windows. Dirty windows portray that the business doesn’t care, making people feel they might be more untrustworthy. Cleaner windows instill more confidence in customers and make a better impression.

  1. Cleanliness Boost

A clean environment leads to more productivity, reduce anxiety and even increased self-esteem. Clean windows help with creating a clean, less cluttered environment. Smeared, smudged and dirty windows can make a person feel more bleak when they look outside.

Whether it’s a residential or commercial building, American Cleaning Service offers window cleaning for both. The team can even tackle high-rise buildings and larger spaces that can be difficult for those who don’t have the proper equipment.