Water damage affects hundreds of homes every year in Boise. It can be caused by leaking pipes and faucets, broken sewage lines, or even natural disasters like floods, thunder storms, excessive snow and wind etc. Dealing with water damage in Boise, ID requires specialized help from damage restoration and cleaning crews.

If you are ever faced with water damage at your home or office, here are a few tips to help you through the ordeal

Unplug all Electronics and Disconnect Power from Source

The first step, if you are faced with severe water damage is to disconnect all electric appliances and switch off the power to your property from the source. You don’t want to get electrocuted if switches and appliances get inundated.

Move all Furniture, Carpets, and Rugs

Water flooding your home or office will usually occurs in one part of the property. So you can move all furniture, carpets etc. from the affected area. Carpets and rugs usually dry out and can be disinfected. Whereas, your couch might absorb water and be rendered useless.

Block the Leak

If you can locate the source of the leak, try to block it with cloth or something else. In the meantime, you can start getting rid of the excess water with the help of buckets, mops, or towels.

Call up Emergency Disaster Cleanup in Boise

Disaster and water damage restoration services have professional and advanced restoration equipment that can easily restore your property and get rid of all the water damage. If you are faced with severe water damage, then calling a professional might be the best option for restoring your home.