Water damage in your home or your commercial establishment can cause a devastating effect and leave a trail of destruction. Damaged walls, ruined electrical appliances, and soaking wet furniture along with mold is just a few things that can be caused.

Professional water damage cleanup in Boise or any other city, can help you deal with the damage effectively. But even you can make a difference with these 3 tips to help you clean up after water damage

Stop the Leak

It is imperative that you stop the leak before it causes more damage to your home or your business. Look out for broken pipes or faucets that might be leaking. Shut off the water main or plug the leak. Consider calling professional help if the leak is something that can’t be easily fixed by you.

Unplug all Electrical Appliances

Before you begin cleaning up the mess, unplug all electrical appliances in the rooms affected by the water. Any appliances which do not have insulation should not be touched as it might cause electrocution. In these cases, switch off the power from the source and then remove all electrical appliances.

Soak up Water and Disinfect the Area

If the water damage is relatively minor, then you can use old towels to soak up the water and use a disinfectant to clean up the area. If the water level is too much to be soaked by towels, consider taking professional help for water removal in Boise, ID. Most water removal companies have pumps that can easily clear up flooded basements and rooms.