Snow can turn the town into a winter wonderland, but once it gets inside a building, snow can turn into a muddy, slushy mess. That’s why commercial cleaning is even more important for businesses during the winter months. Here are a few reasons to increase the frequency of commercial cleaning this winter:

  1. Cleanliness

When a business looks clean and professional, customers are more likely to shop there. As a result, cleanliness can have a direct effect on sales. Snow not only tracks in slush and water, but dirt and debris. Regular commercial cleaning gets rid of the dirt that shoes and boots can track in, making for a better looking business.

  1. Water Damage

A wide range of materials can suffer when exposed to water for long periods of time. If snow and slush are not cleaned up, wooden and vinyl floors could become warped due to the prolonged exposure over the winter months. American Cleaning Service can make sure flooring doesn’t incur water damage, and they can also restore flooring if it was previously damaged. Their restoration team is trained to assess the water damage and dry the area with state of the art equipment.

  1. Safety

When snow and slush melt, it creates a puddle. This can become a safety hazard, causing customers to slip and fall. Customer injuries can lead to lengthy, costly lawsuits for businesses, and could hurt their reputation. An entry mat can help solve this problem along with regularly scheduled cleaning.

Talk to the crew at American Cleaning Service about creating a schedule this winter for commercial cleaning and janitorial services. They can help find a cleaning solution to fit any schedule and budget to keep the building pristine, keeping both business owners and customers happy.