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Welcome To American Cleaning Service Co. Your Number One Janitorial Service in Boise Idaho.

American Cleaning

American Cleaning

When considering your options for commercial cleaning services for your business, you will need to find a company that you can trust. In Boise, Idaho, janitorial services from American Cleaning Service promises to deliver complete and thorough office cleaning services while respecting access to your business after hours.

Disaster Services Boise

Disaster Services Boise

We are also experts in offering disaster cleanup services in Boise and their surrounding areas. If your property has sustained damage from a flood or fire, our team of experts can help restore the safety and integrity of your property with extensive flood cleanupwater damage cleanup and more.

Trusted Partner

Trusted Partner

As your trusted business partner, American Cleaning Service, the team of professional Boise disaster and janitorial servicing team maintain a close relationship with you and assist you with security audits, partner quality assurance programs, and customer reviews on a quarterly basis. Every member of our team is outfitted as uniformed, badged employees when working on your property.

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Rebuilding your life after a fire or flood is not easy- your house may seem safe and habitable. But without professional help, you may never be able to restore your house into its previous condition. Here’s why we think you should call professional disaster cleanup companies in Boise like ours to get your house back to normal: The disaster...

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